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Originally operating as an offline marketing agency, Total Marketing was formed as a brand in 2002 and incorporated as, LLC in 2010.

We specialize in Online PR and large scale brand exposure campaigns.


About Us

Originally operating as an offline marketing agency, Total Marketing was formed as a brand in 2002 and incorporated as, LLC in 2010.

We specialize in Online PR and large scale brand exposure campaigns, both in the US and abroad. Based in North Carolina, LLC is at the heart of America’s financial industry. Working with national banks and insurers, Total Marketing has connected large corporations with people already interested in the services that they offer.

Widening out to other markets, Total Marketing now services a wide portfolio of clients across dozens of verticals. The company is also in the process of opening new offices in New York and London, to service clients from localized branch offices.

Brand Exposure

There’s no point in having a business website if nobody knows about it. Total Marketing are world leaders in promoting brands online and introducing them to new social circles and niche demographics. Last year we connected our clients with over 5,000 micro-communities and niche websites, negotiating inexpensive banner and brand mention deals. These campaigns significantly increased traffic to client websites, resulting in positive brand awareness within new demographics and increased sales.

Our skilled marketing executives identify, qualify and contact potential partners on-behalf of clients, removing the resource-intensive nature of this marketing channel. Micro-payments to webmasters are handled by our proprietary ad billing system, leaving clients with a single monthly invoice. Total Marketing effectively gives Fortune500 and large blue-chip corporations the nimble marketing potential of an SME, without the overheads.

Online PR

Online PR is a new frontier for many corporations still, yet the benefits can be extensive and unexpected. The internet can make or break companies, plus a faceless audience can be ruthless and unforgiving.

When an employee of fast food chain Domino’s submitted a grotesque video to YouTube that would turn anyone away from pizza take-outs, the company experience an initial drop in sales immediately. Domino’s managed to control the situation however, launching their own YouTube video featuring Domino’s President, Patrick Doyle. The video was frank and answered customer concerns without being patronizing or washing over the issue. The company’s sales returned and status quo was returned. Without monitoring and reacting quickly to this situation, Domino’s could have been in serious trouble. LLC specializes in monitoring and managing situations like this, saving sales, staff and in drastic situations – the company itself. TM also pro-actively builds consumer trust and awareness, promoting new ventures and publicizing messages that our clients wish to broadcast.

The Team

Anne Gibbons

A born and bred North Carolinian, Anne Gibbons grew up in a small town near the coast before moving to the Triangle area for school. She earned a degree in Communications from N.C. State, and became a part of Total Marketing three years ago. Anne’s hobbies include cooking, wakeboarding, and watching every new movie that comes out—even if it’s supposed to be awful. Anne hopes to open a restaurant on the coast someday, though she hasn’t ironed out the specifics just yet.

Chris Johns

Born and raised in a small town near Lake Erie, Chris Johns opted to stay close to home for school, attending the University of Michigan (Go Wolverines!) and studying literature and education. He found a position teaching high school English in the area. Chris taught for a few years and met his now-wife Kelly, and wound up moving to North Carolina when she got a job opportunity in the Research Triangle. He misses the Michigan football scene, but begrudgingly admits that following the ACC has been more fun than he anticipated.

Cody Patton

Cody Patton was born on Long Island and went to school at NYU before deciding to flee the oppressive costs and harsh winters of New York. Not wanting to stray too far from family back home, he settled on North Carolina after seeing Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill on lots of lists of the best cities for millennials. Since planting roots in Raleigh he’s pursued a career as a copywriter, and plans to get involved with the local theater scene as well. A self-described food snob, Cody has been pleasantly surprised by what’s available. While he still hasn’t found pizza or Chinese food that compares to New York, he’s fallen head over heels for the booming restaurant scenes in downtown Raleigh and Durham.

Daniel Carpenter

Daniel Carpenter grew up outside of Washington, D.C. and went to school at George Washington. He graduated in 2011 with a double major in English and Sociology then moved south to be closer to reasonably warm beaches. A baseball historian and diehard fan of the movie “Bull Durham,” Daniel happily settled in Durham, North Carolina, where he now enjoys taking his young son to games. Daniel also does some blogging on the side, and hopes to start his own online magazine following baseball prospects.

Eric Parker

Eric was born in Maryland, but spent much of his childhood overseas because of his father’s job. He lived in Berlin and London before returning to the United States for school. Eric graduated from Davidson College in 2012 (and enjoys talking about his days of watching Stephen Curry play basketball). He moved to the Triangle and linked up with Total Marketing in 2014 He spends most of his free time sitting outside of coffee shops, and going on jogs with his chocolate lab, Pretzel.

Jacob West

Jacob West grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and went to the University of Miami. He majored in Communications, and started a few blogs of his own as an undergrad. After graduating in 2013, Jacob decided to try life outside of Florida, and wound up settling down in Raleigh to continue to pursue his own interests in marketing. Once a competitive junior tennis player, Jacob still likes to hit the courts whenever possible, and enjoys the slightly less burdensome heat of North Carolina when he plays.

Jeanna Adams

Jeanna Adams was born and raised in Cary, NC and stayed close to home when she decided to attend N.C. State. She took an internship in Washington, D.C. immediately after graduation in 2014 but has since resettled in the Triangle area, where she is working as a blogger, editor, and artist. Jeanna is thrilled with her decision to return home, and has particularly enjoyed watching the growth of the Art Museum and the downtown area. Most of her free time is spent painting, perusing galleries around town, and visiting downtown bars with many of her old school friends who have stayed in the area.

Katie Shaw

Katie Shaw was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and has been to Disney and Universal more times than she can count. After going to school at the University of Central Florida she moved to Raleigh, NC in 2015 where she joined the Total Marketing team. Being a Florida girl she’s obsessed with all things seafood, and can usually be found scarfing some shrimp tacos with guacamole. She loves that there’s still a little piece of home for her in the Triangle, and tries to see the Durham Bulls (her Tampa Bay Rays’ minor league team) as often as she can.

Kelly McFarland

Kelly McFarland grew up in Savannah, GA, and finished her B.A. in English at UGA (Go Dawgs!). Looking for something new she moved to the Triangle area after school in 2012 to explore a career in marketing. She quickly fell in love with the area and its incredible craft beer scene. Today she can be found hopping around the city with her husband and two dogs, often visiting one of the many breweries. She looks forward to any time Georgia comes up to play football.

Michael Payne

Michael is from Charlotte, NC and got his B.A. from Campbell University in Raleigh. He loved the town so much that he decided to stay and join our team in 2015. Michael’s passions include sports, tech, video games, and much more. He loves that Raleigh gives him a lot of the advantages of a larger metro area with all the charm of a smaller Southern city. When not hard at work he’s more than likely watching a movie with his fiancee and their cat or working on running his third marathon.

Paula Dixon

Paula is from Washington D.C. but came on board to the Total Marketing team in 2014. She majored in English at American University and continues likes to spend her vacations traveling around the world. When not jet-setting around the globe she spends her free time catching up on video games or checking out one of the many incredible restaurants in her neighborhood.

Robert Glover

Robert was born and raised right here in Raleigh and wouldn’t have it any other way. He got his English degree from NC State University and has stuck by the Wolfpack through thick and thin. He signed on with Total Marketing in 2014 and has been a valued member of the family ever since. Robert has developed an unhealthy obsession with BBQ and is often found hunched over a plate of pulled pork with a notebook in hand.

Thomas Holloway

Thomas grew up in Rochester and went to school at Syracuse. He began as a marketing assistant with TM back in 2014, and we don’t know what we’d do without him. He loves any opportunity he can find to follow his love of sports, video games, and movies. Thomas shares an apartment in Chapel Hill with his fiancee and two cats and it’s starting to get a little crowded.

Walter Diaz

Walter grew up in sunny San Diego, CA and moved across the country to get his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Political Science from Wake Forest. We’re still trying to figure out why he decided to stay, but we’re glad he did! After finishing school Walter moved to Durham to see what all the fuss was about and started working with Total Marketing. When he’s not busy he can be found buried in a book or watching a basketball game.

Nick Patton

Nick Patton was born and raised in Raleigh, leaving town only to attend college at UNC-Wilmington. There, when he wasn’t enjoying college in a beach town, Nick focused largely on creative writing, with the goal of getting into TV writing. After doing freelance work for a small digital marketing firm during his senior year however, Nick realized he could translate his creative skills into a career in the industry. He moved back to Raleigh after college, and lives there now with his fiancé and an Australian Cattle Dog named Rocko (after his favorite childhood cartoon character).

Christian Lim

Christian Lim immigrated to the U.S. from China when he was only three years old. His father’s job with IBM took the family to Minnesota, where Christian grew up. He became a diehard Vikings fan and loved the Midwestern football culture, but ultimately decided to apply to coastal schools (East and West) in order to gain a broader perspective on the country. Christian wound up at George Washington and stayed in the D.C. area for a few years after gradating before moving down to the Triangle in pursuit of a job. He now lives in Cary, and continues to support his Vikings.

Claire Barclay

Claire Barclay is from a small town you’ve never heard of in Connecticut. She stayed close to home but experienced city life for school, attending Boston University and then a MFA program at Columbia. Claire has been working on a poetry anthology but found her way into editing and marketing as a day-to-day profession. After working remotely to begin with she moved south to North Carolina to be with her now husband Jim. Her hobbies include watching old films, swimming laps, and taking weekend trips to visit her nieces and nephew in Virginia.

Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer likes to say that she’s lived in most of the United States. That’s not quite true, but from her birth in a Chicago suburb she’s lived briefly in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kansas, and, for college, Pennsylvania. Following her graduation from Penn State, Hannah decided it was about time she lived in a state with a beach, and settled on the Raleigh area after seeing it for about the 50th time on a list of up-and-coming metro areas. She couldn’t be happier with her decision, and is to be found most evenings at an outdoor bar downtown enjoying the weather.

Jacob Gonzales

Jacob Gonzalez was born in Austin, Texas. He grew up appreciating the idea of a growing, mid-size city, which attracts him to the Triangle area now. However, it was actually basketball that brought him to the area. Coming of age during the San Antonio Spurs’ dynasty, Jacob became a rabid basketball fan, and (as he puts it, shamelessly) applied mostly to schools with basketball schools. He wound up attending North Carolina, and then moved into enemy territory in Durham. He’s loving life in North Carolina, following his Spurs from afar, trying every new brewery or restaurant that pops up in the Triangle, and honing his photography skills on the side.

Jorge Contreras

Jorge Contreras hails from the Tampa area in Florida, and moved to North Carolina because, as he quotes Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting, he had to go see about a girl. Jorge briefly considered attempting a career in minor league baseball but ultimately settled for a life of beer league softball while pursuing more reliable interests. When he’s not working he still makes it to all the Durham Bulls games he can, and follows his Rays with the hopes that new owner Derek Jeter can radically turn around the franchise.

Kyle Green

Kyle Green always had an interest in writing, despite being told by teachers in both high school and college that it probably wouldn’t produce much of a career. He likes to think he’s won that debate now that he’s able to do some writing and editing as part of his job, though his ultimate goal is still to publish mystery novels. Aside from writing, Kyle enjoys cooking, yoga, and live comedy. He’s originally from Georgia and attended Furman for undergrad.

Laura Kerry

Laura Kerry is originally from Memphis but grew up mostly overseas (in London and Madrid) due to her parents’ jobs. After the family moved back to the states, and specifically to North Carolina, Laura jumped into college at N.C. State a year early and graduated in 2011. From there she had a few short-lived jobs before signing on with Total Marketing where she felt she could put her double English and Communications degrees to good use. Laura is still getting used to being grounded in one place, but feels she started to establish a home when she brought home her Maine Coon, Daisy Buchanan.

Lucas Watts

Lucas Watts graduated with a degree in English from NYU in 2010 and went back to teach at his own high school on Long Island. He married his wife Angela in 2012 and moved to Raleigh with her both to be closer to her family and because she got a job with a local tech company. It was a only a short time later that Lucas linked up with Total Marketing, and though he’d still like to get into some part-time teaching at a local high school, he feels he’s found a career he can stick with for a while. Lucas and Angela like to spend some of their weekends exploring western North Carolina and hiking in the mountains.

Marcel Apel

Marcel Apel grew up in New Orleans, the son of Haitian and French immigrants. He fell in love with the culture at a young age, learning to play blues and jazz guitar and gaining a deep appreciation of fine seafood. Marcel prides himself on having discovered the guitarist Gary Clark Jr. before he was “The Chosen One,” but cannot prove it. After studying English and art history at Tulane, Marcel decided to broaden his horizons, moving first to New York City, then Washington, D.C., and finally settling in North Carolina and catching on with Total Marketing in 2015. In his spare time, Marcel is currently looking to form a fusion blues/rock/hip-hop band.

Sarah Harker

Sarah Harker was born in eastern North Carolina and grew up in the Raleigh area. Her initial plan was to pursue a career in college basketball for a premier program, but after injuring her knee she shifted her focus to local schools. Sarah graduated from Wake Forest in 2014 and, after a gap year in which she was fortunate enough to travel in Europe and Africa, settled back in Raleigh to pursue work in marketing and communications. Sarah still likes to play basketball and travels every chance she gets, with India and Nepal next up on her list.

Sofia Rodriguez

Sofia Rodriguez hails from New York City, and still can’t believe she ended up in the South. After finishing up school in Manhattan she moved to Raleigh with some friends to start a fashion blog and online shop. However, the budding business ultimately folded, and Sofia put her skills from the experience into applying for marketing and copywriting jobs in the area, finding her way to Total Marketing in 2014. Having been the designer of the group however she still works on her own fashion items, and hopes to open a private online store in the near future. For fun, Sofia enjoys dancing and wine bars.

Professionally-written posts, quick payments, friendly service ... The guys at TotalMarketing made working with them a snap. They asked questions and tailored their content perfectly to our site’s target market. Couldn’t ask for better.


Great experience. Very professional and I would gladly do business with them again. I highly recommend them.

Geno McGahee

Total Marketing is a top-notch service with a group of very professional and courteous people that are customer focused! They communicate extremely well, keeping you up to date on your projects and provide amazing content that compliments your website! I grade Total Marketing 5/5!

Great service and very nice contact! Communication is also in German and very professional. My inquiries in relation to my gardening blog were answered very quickly, I’d be happy to work with them again.

Greetings from Germany from Gartenfrosch

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